Ankara, 12 March 2022 (TDI): Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Ruslan Kazakbaev held an official meeting with Azerbaijani Foreign Miniter Jeyhun Bayramov. The two officials met on the sidelines of the Anatolia Diplomacy Forum, Turkey. Likewise, they discussed bilateral relations and international issues in the meeting.

Discussion in the meeting  

Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan Foreign Minister discussed Ukraine crisis in the meeting. Likewise, Kyrgyz Minister Kazakbaev emphasized the importance of avoiding civilian casualties in the war. He also stressed the need for new mechanisms and formats for negotiation between the conflicting parties. Only peaceful negotiations can solve the crisis.

In addition, the Kyrgyz Minister also showed interest in the soonest achievement for a mutually acceptable solution for the crisis. He argued that the negotiation process should make a ceasefire as soon as possible.

Further, the Kyrgyz minister reiterated the support for meditation efforts. He also expressed readiness to assist peace and mediation efforts.

Talk on Bilateral Relations

Besides the Ukraine crisis, both officials talked about bilateral relations between the two Central Asian countries. Both ministers discussed the progress of the agreements made in the meeting of both country’s heads of state on the sidelines of the 8th Summit of the Organization of Turkic States (OTG).  The meeting between the two Presidents had held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Furthermore, both sides agreed to maintain high-level meetings in Azerbaijani-Kyrgyz relations by organizing inter-MFA political consultations.

Anatolia Diplomacy Forum: An Overview

Anatolia Diplomacy Forum (ADF) is an international gathering of professionals. These professionals work for diplomacy, including academics, political leaders, and diplomats.

ADF 2022 summit has been organized in Anatolia from 11-13 March 2022. In addition, ADF gives a platform to the regional and global actors to discuss and exchange ideas to address global challenges.

In Anatolia Diplomacy Forum, Heads of States, Foreign Ministers, and representatives from International Organizations join and discuss regional and global issues.