Tokyo, 17 June 2023 (TDI): On June 16, Foreign Minister Hayashi addressed a wide range of important matters during his regular press conference. He commenced by sharing significant updates on his upcoming visits to the United Kingdom and France, as well as his visit to Akita prefecture.

In addition, he provided insights into the Emergency Grant Aid allocated for humanitarian assistance in Sudan. Throughout the conference, Minister Hayashi demonstrated his commitment to addressing pressing global issues and engaging with domestic concerns.

During the Q&A session, Minister Hayashi fielded questions on various subjects. The Ukraine Recovery Conference was one of the focal points, underlining the government’s efforts to support Ukraine’s reconstruction and stabilization.

FM will attend the Ukraine Recovery Conference in the UK from June 20 -23. He will also address the audience in Chatham House on June 21, where the theme of his address will be “Guiding principles for a new chapter of Japan-UK relations.”

In France, attend the meeting on International Development Finance (IDF) hosted by the Government of France and discuss the achievement and issues related to SDGs.

The discussion also turned to the development of offshore wind power generation in Akita prefecture, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to renewable energy sources. Minister Hayashi also addressed concerns regarding the treatment of ALPS water and ensured transparency in the process.

Furthermore, Minister Hayashi addressed the indictment of an international student from Hong Kong, acknowledging the significance of the case and assuring the public that the government would handle it appropriately.

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As the press conference concluded, Minister Hayashi expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with the media and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to transparency, diplomacy, and addressing both national and international challenges effectively.

Japan also hosted the G7 Hiroshima summit in May 2023, where top leaders discussed Ukraine Crises along with “China Concern.”