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Foreign Minister Al-Maliki meets Danish and Spanish counterparts


Geneva, 29 February 2024: Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Dr. Riyad Al-Maliki, has met with his Danish and Spanish counterparts, Lars Lokke Rasmussen and Jose Manuel Albarez, respectively to discuss ceasefire in Gaza.

Dr. Al-Maliki, in two separate meetings, as part of his scheduled participation in the 55th Session of Human Rights Council in Geneva, thoroughly explained to the said Foreign Ministers the plight of people of Gaza and persistent aggression on the part of Israeli forces.

He informed Rasmussen regarding the latest developments in the Palestinian issue, with crimes of genocide committed against innocent people of Gaza and their further forced displacement to the city of Rafah.

Dr. Maliki referred to the Israeli project of repeating the Nakba with the sole aim of exterminating Palestinian people forever by pushing the traumatized men, women, children and elderly with no shelter to already crowded Rafah city amidst mounting threats of ground invasion.

Moreover, Rasmussen has also been briefed about the crimes in the West Bank including Jerusalem, continuous and unabated invasions of Palestinian cities, towns and refugee camps, as well as atrocities committed by Israel with mass killings and terrorism of colonialists as usual sites. 

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Dr. Maliki has shown serious concerns over the rhetoric of ground invasion of Rafah city before Ramadan and assured that the State of Palestine expects support for a set of decisions and actions presented by them.

In turn, Rasmussen has clearly affirmed his country’s support regarding the right of self-determination of Palestinian people, the idea of two-state solution and solidarity with those who suffered as a result of the Israeli offensive.

On the other hand, apart from the latest developments and genocidal war of Israel, the possibility of reaching a ceasefire and the key role of Arab efforts have remained as prominent themes of the meeting with Spanish Foreign Minister Albarez.

Dr. Maliki touched upon placing Israeli settlers on terrorist lists so as to prevent further fatal threats to native Palestinian population. He has also emphasized imposing sanctions on Israeli officials due to their roles which are in direct contravention of International Law.

He has lamented that the crimes of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his far-right government are the main obstacle preventing a much-needed ceasefire and a long-term secure and peaceful solution to the conflict.

He furthered that international community has certain obligations towards his people and a duty to end the illegal colonial occupation of Israel.

While Dr. Maliki has appreciated the position of Spain during week-long oral arguments against illegal occupation by Israel in ICJ, he stressed further support in favor of set of resolutions to be presented by Palestine in future.

Similar to his Danish counterpart, Albarez affirmed his country’s support for proposals in line with International Law and thereby supporting rights of self-determination of Palestinian people.

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