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Foreign Affairs & Expatriates urges UNSC action to end Gaza crisis


Gaza, 25 November 2023 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates calls on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to take immediate action to end the ongoing Gaza crisis.

Despite barriers imposed on media access, the alarming truth of the massive destruction caused by ongoing conflict has come to light through limited reports and revelations following a recent truce.

Despite the restrictions and bans imposed by the occupation authorities on journalists and the media to hide the truth about the crimes, massacres, and horrific destruction they committed in the Gaza Strip and its north in particular, what has been published so far and in light of the truce reveals, even partially, the extent of the disaster that befell the Strip as a result of the brutal bombing of homes.

Towers, facilities, and institutions of all kinds. The picture reflects the unprecedented scale of the disaster and the humanitarian tragedy experienced by the citizens of the Strip, whether those who remained in the north or displaced to the center and south, a condition imposed on them by the occupation, depriving them of seeing their completely or partially destroyed homes, so you find them searching in its rubble for their martyrs.

Or some of their necessary things, without water, food, bread, electricity, medicine, and fuel, and without the necessities of life, even the bare minimum, as if a strong earthquake struck their towns, cities, and camps, striking their lives and stealing their loved ones from them, and they are steadfast, refusing to leave and clinging to the destruction of their homes and the fragments of their honorable life in the land of their homeland.

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The Ministry calls on the international community and all parties to quickly respond to the call for humanity and to side with its principles and the need to protect them.

It once again calls on the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities in building on the truce and to take a decision that imposes a cessation of the war, guarantees the return of the displaced, and guarantees, through the force of international and humanitarian law, the provision of all basic needs of our people in the Gaza Strip in a sustainable manner.

All within the framework of a political vision that ensures the implementation of international legitimacy resolutions on the Palestinian issue, and enables our people to exercise their right to self-determination and embody their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.


Furthermore, what is required in the upcoming prisoner exchange deal with the Israelis is to oblige them to pay in advance and in cash $30 billion to rebuild what they destroyed in the Gaza Strip. On the first day of the humanitarian truce, part of the massive destruction caused by the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip was revealed.

Let this be a practical lesson to the Israelis that they must pay the costs of rebuilding what they destroy. As our people will not suffer and wait without shelter for years due to the promises and commitments of donor countries in the future to finance reconstruction of Gaza Strip.

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