New York, 27 July 2022 (TDI): The United Nations launched the Football for the Goals initiative on 6 July. Its main aim is to engage the global football community to advocate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Football for the Goals:

The initiative provides a platform to engage the global football community. It will inspire the football community and guide them to implement SDG strategies for behavioral change in the world.

Members of the initiative will use their outreach power and influence on different sites to advocate and amplify SDGs. They will help in mainstreaming sustainable practices in the sports field.

Aims of the initiative:

Mainly, the purpose of the initiative is to bring sustainable changes in the sports domain and inspire other fields too.

The UN members would help in implementing sustainability policies and practices and advocating for the SDGs. This initiative would help the UN members to foster a forward human rights-based approach like addressing issues of discrimination and avoiding discriminatory practices.

The UN members would also help in advocating equality and equity, including gender, and call for climate action.

Members can also become the champions of the SDGs during the Decade of Action (2020-2030).

Members of the initiative:

The initiative welcomes confederations, national associations, leagues and clubs at all levels, players’ associations, organized fan groups, as well as media and commercial partners, and any other organization active in the world of football.

Inaugural partner of the initiative:

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) joined the initiative as an inaugural member.

UEFA unveiled its own sustainability strategy in 2021, “Strength through Unity”. This initiative focuses on human rights and the environment.

UEFA’s President Aleksander Čeferin said at the inaugural ceremony that he is pleased that the United Nations recognizes the powerful voice that football carries in the global community.

He further added that the role sports and especially football can play in raising awareness of sustainable development goals through the game’s popularity is important.

Consequently, the President added that UEFA aimed to make it possible in helping the UN implement and work for this initiative.

Supporters of the initiative:

In the football domain, Iker Casillas, a retired Spanish footballer showed his support for the initiative.

Additionally, Kenza Dali, a French professional footballer also presented her support for the initiative.

Furthermore, Pernille Mosegaard Harder, a Danish professional footballer also showed her support for Football for the Goals.