Brussels, 31 May 2022 (TDI): The Nordic-Baltic-Ireland Leaders pre-meeting led by Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin took place ahead of the European Council meeting.

This Nordic-Baltic-Ireland Leaders pre-meeting highlighted further support for Ukraine, and sanctioning Russia for the war was on the agenda of the pre-meeting.

Nordic-Baltic-Ireland relations

Previously, Ireland and the Nordic-Baltic 8 worked together for a Secure, Sustainable and Digital Europe, that is, a conference in 2019.

In relation to this, the conference brought together leading experts coming from across Ireland and the Nordic-Baltic states. It was meant to reflect on topics involving digitisation, cyber and hybrid security challenges, and the transition to sustainable energy and a green economy.

The event formed part of Ireland’s continuing engagement and work with NB8’s partners and neighbors in the Nordic-Baltic region regarding issues at the top of the policy agenda across Europe.

Nordic-Baltic States

The Nordic-Baltic Eight (NB8) is a format for regional cooperation. It is comprised of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden.

Baltic and Nordic countries’ Prime Ministers, Speakers of Parliaments, Foreign Ministers, branch ministers, Secretaries of State, and political directors of Foreign Ministries hold meetings regularly under NB8. That is, they discuss regional and current international concerns.

Currently, Lithuania holds the lead role in coordinating NB8 cooperation in the year 2022. Latvia will assume the coordinator’s role in NB8 cooperation in 2023.

This year, Lithuania hosted a meeting of the State Secretaries of the Baltic and Nordic countries (NB8) from 29 to 30 March.

The discussions of the meeting chiefly concentrated on security issues in the region in light of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Additionally, cooperation between NB8 countries within international organisations, specifically the United Nations, was part of the discussions.

Thus, the agenda involved regional energy-related issues as well as the strengthening of the transatlantic connection. They also exchanged views on China and the Indo-Pacific region.

Also, the participants in the meeting agreed on the need for closer coordination between NB8 countries regarding regional security.

This year in March, Nordic and Baltic leaders also attended a summit hosted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In line with this, Boris pushed to reinforce European resilience and defence.

All in all, Boris urged the coalition to unite in working on greater resilience against hostile state threats. At the time, the leaders discussed joint military exercises in the High North and Baltic regions.

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