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Event on Pakistani Women’s role in Nuclear Science held in Vienna


Vienna, 7 March 2024 (TDI): ​The Embassy and Permanent Mission of Pakistan to Vienna organized an event titled ‘Role of Pakistani Women in Nuclear Science and Technology’, today at the Vienna International Centre.

The purpose of the program was to highlight the role and contribution of Pakistani women in the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

​Najat Mukhtar, Deputy Director General of Nuclear Applications graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Several Ambassadors including that of the European Union, Egypt, South Africa, Colombia, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine attended the event.

Additionally, diplomats from several countries along with a large number of women working in diverse fields of nuclear technology including Pakistani scholars from the IAEA Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship Program participated in the event.

Pakistani Women's role in Nuclear Science

​In his introductory remarks, Aftab Khokher the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Pakistan highlighted the role of Pakistani women in the development of their country.

He underlined that Women have served in all key positions in Pakistan and are actively pursuing their careers in the field of Nuclear Science and Technology.

​Najat Mukhtar, DDG IAEA, commended the role of Pakistani women and highlighted Pakistan’s achievements in the field of nuclear technology and cooperation with the IAEA.

Pakistan currently has 3 collaborating centres with IAEA and in addition, has an anchor centre for cancer care under IAEA’s flagship ‘Rays of Hope’ initiative.

Pakistani Women's role in Nuclear Science

She also hailed the achievements of Pakistani women nuclear scientists in the fields of food security, water resource management, human health and agriculture.

She added that Pakistan is the regional leader in nuclear applications. She encouraged Pakistan to continue the trajectory of women’s participation in nuclear applications.

The President and Secretary General of Women in Nuclear (WiN) Pakistan in their separate presentations highlighted the achievements of Paksitani Women and expressed their commitment to continue and further enhance the role of Paksitani women in myriad fields of nuclear science and technology.

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Moreover, they stated that nuclear sciences have marked a paradigm shift in healthcare in Pakistan especially in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Pakistani has achieved gender balance among healthcare workers which is a manifestation of our commitment to women’s empowerment.

Pakistani scholars from the IAEA Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship Programme also shared their experiences with the audience. Their resolve and motivation were exemplary and appreciated by all.

The event is a manifestation of Pakistan’s commitment to enhance the role of women in Nuclear and to promote and pay tribute to Pakistani women who are achieving new heights in this field.

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