Brussels, 14 May 2022 (TDI): All European Union Countries and two participating states in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism have offered support and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The European Commission stated that countries are still delivering help through the rescEU and the established hubs in neighboring countries.

Thus, the European Commission highlighted that it is EU solidarity in action as they stand together with Ukraine.

Aims of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism was established by the European Commission in 2001. Its aims include strengthening cooperation between countries of the EU and six participating states on civil protection in order to improve prevention, preparedness, and response to disasters.

Therefore, if an emergency overpowers the response capabilities of a country in Europe as well as beyond, it is able to request assistance through the Mechanism.

The European Commission performs an important role in coordinating the disaster response worldwide, contributing to at least 75% of the transport and operational costs of deployments.

Furthermore, with regard to disasters hitting several countries without warning, the importance of having a well-coordinated joint response is important for the countries.

Therefore, it explains that when national authorities have one point of contact when overwhelmed and not multiple to deal with.

Importance of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

It is important because the joint approach further assists to bring together the expertise and capacities of those who respond first.

It avoids duplication of relief efforts as well as ensure that help meets the need of those who are affected.

By gathering civil protection capacities and capabilities together, it permits for a coherent and stronger collective response.

In addition, the Mechanism assists in coordinating disaster preparedness as well as prevention activities are done by national authorities.

There is an exchange of best practices and it facilitates the development of higher standards and works interchangeably when a disaster strikes.

In 2019 the European Commission upgraded the EU Civil Protection Mechanism as a result it created rescEU.

Of which it strengthens and reinforces components of the European Union’s disaster risk management. Thus its aims are to protect citizens from disasters and manage emerging risks.