Tianjin, 14 September 2022 (TDI): European multinational aircraft manufacturer Airbus is launching the assembly of A321 aircraft in the People’s Republic of China.

The first batch of two big parts for the Airbus 321 aircraft has already arrived in the Chinese port city of Tianjin.

About A321 aircraft

Airbus and its Chinese partners have recently signed a framework agreement. It is based on expanding and upgrading the production capacity of the Final Assembly Line (FAL) Tianjin.

The first batch of two large parts, a nose, and a fuselage arrived in Tianjin Port from Hamburg, Germany, on Saturday. The large sections of the aircraft were transported to Airbus’ final assembly center in Tianjin on Tuesday.

The A321 aircraft is the biggest member of the A320 family. It serves as aircraft’s single-aisle aircraft with the strongest demand globally.

Each A321 can hold about 30 percent more passengers than the A320. Moreover, its extra-long-range version is capable of flying up to 8,700 kilometers.

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Executive vice-president of Airbus and CEO of Airbus China George Xu stated,” We will focus on digital and green development transformation and continue to explore new cooperation possibilities with Chinese aviation industry partners”.

The multinational aircraft manufacturer has introduced about 100 technicians from Europe to China. It continues to increase investment in China after the company canceled some projects elsewhere due to the pandemic.

Zou Jianjun, a professor at the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China said, the further investment and extension of the assembly capability of Airbus in Tianjin show its recognition of China’s investment environment.

In addition, it shows its confidence in the growth potential of the civil aviation market in China”.

Moreover, considering its close cooperation with Chinese partners, Airbus has lifted its market share in China to 53 percent, outpacing rival Boeing Co.