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EU High Representative Josep Borrell lands in Qatar


Doha, 20 November 2023 (TDI): EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrel landed in Qatar, Doha to join the Joint Press Conference held by Qatar to discuss the Gaza crisis.

However, the EU policy Chief has been conducting diplomatic gatherings with other actors including Palestine and Israel.

Josep stated, In the past four days, I’ve met people from Israel and Palestine in cities like Ramallah, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. I also visited kibbutzes near Gaza that Hamas attacked. I met families affected by the hostage situation.

Now, I’m in Qatar after being in Bahrain, where I interacted with colleagues from different Arab nations. We discussed the urgent need to help innocent civilians suffering. Gaza is particularly affected, with high civilian casualties. We must work together to find a solution. Our collaborative efforts are crucial now.

There is no hierarchy between the two horrors, one horror does not justify another horror. The EU has called for immediate humanitarian pauses and the Security Council has adopted an important resolution.

What Hamas did, was the biggest massacre of Jews since the Second World War. But at the same time, we are witnessing the horrible humanitarian situation of the people, civilians in Gaza, suffering under heavy bombardment.

The United Nations today has announced the bombardment of a UNRWA school in the north of Gaza with tens of casualties. The United Nations consider what’s happening in Gaza one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time. They call it in French “carnage”.

Therefore, the EU has called for prompt humanitarian pauses, and the UN Security Council, with the support of EU members Malta, France, and Germany, has passed a resolution demanding immediate and continuous humanitarian pauses.

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I am well aware that, Supporting a Two-state solution requires significant economic and political investment, including reconstruction efforts in Gaza and the establishment of a fully functioning state, Josep stated.

Zubair Mumtaz
Zubair Mumtaz
Zubair Mumtaz is a M.Phil scholar, A dedicated researcher and writer, specializing in Conflict Resolution strategies. Committed to fostering peace through insightful analysis and effective communication. Eager to contribute expertise to promote understanding and cooperation on the international stage. The writer can be reached at zubairfhm786@gmail.com

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