Brussels, 19 May 2022 (TDI): The President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen addressed the proposals on Europe’s energy security and support to Ukraine.

President von der Leyen stated that their proposals address Europe’s energy security. In line with the proposal was also their defense and support to Ukraine as well as rapidly reducing their reliance on Russia in energy.

Furthermore, the European Commission said that they are stepping up Europe’s energy security as well as independence.

Additionally, the Commission presented the REPowerEU Plan so as to quickly minimize their dependence on Russia and push the green transition forward.


The President stated that the Russian war has disrupted the global energy market and that they must quickly reduce their dependency on Russian fossil fuels.

“It shows, on one hand, how dependent we are on imported fossil fuels. But it also shows how vulnerable we are to relying on Russia for importing our fossil fuels.

And therefore, we must now reduce as soon as possible our dependency on Russian fossil fuels. I am deeply convinced that we can,” said von der Leyen

She added that they have phased out coal and gave an example of reduced gas imports saying 40% of gas imported was from Russia to the EU last year, but this year in April they reduced it down to 26%.

Therefore, the President said it is going in the right direction however, they need to accelerate. Due to the REPowerEU, she emphasized that they can replace fossil fuels from Russia, thus, through working on three levels.

Firstly, on the demand side, that is, to save energy. Secondly, on the supply side looking beyond Russia toward other trustworthy and reliable suppliers. And lastly, on speeding up the clean energy transition, thereby, massive investment in renewable energy.

More to this, the President stated that REPowerEU will help them save more energy, phase out fossil fuels, and kick-start investments on a new scale.

Russia’s war in Ukraine

In addition, von der Leyen stated that the war is driving the acceleration in their efforts to make Europe’s resilience stronger. More to this, she said that Ukraine is defending its European values, and thereby they will continue being by its side in the war as well as when the country is rebuilt.

Lastly, she spoke about the combination of investment and reform that will support Ukraine. Thereby, the investments will assist Ukraine to emerge strong and more resilient from the devastation caused by the Russian army.

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