Brussels, 17 May 2022 (TDI): The EU-Canada Joint Ministerial Committee meeting in Brussels marked the fifth Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) anniversary.

The agenda of the meeting included bilateral relations, peace, and security, human rights and democracy, energy, research, and space.

Therefore, the third meeting of the EU-Canada Joint Ministerial Committee was chaired by the High Representative of the EU, Josep Borrell, together with the Canadian Foreign Minister, Mélanie Joly.

Likewise, the meeting affirmed again the unmatched as well as vibrant nature of the EU-Canada partnership. This is because it is founded on shared values and extensive historical, cultural, political, and economic ties.

Thereby, the Committee took a joint statement. Borrell stated that Canada is one of the closest and most reliable partners to the European Union.

Additionally, by marking the fifth anniversary of the provisional application of the EU-Canada Strategic Partnership Agreement, Borrell said they work closely together.

Thus, they promote a rules-based international order confined to common values as well as international law. More to this, Borrell pointed out working together with Canada to address the global repercussions of the war.

Most importantly, in areas like energy, food security, support as well as uptake of refugees. In addition, he said that with a strong institutional framework; the Strategic Partnership Agreement, and CETA, the EU and Canada’s cooperation is strong.

Similarly, the Canadian Foreign Minister highlighted that by their strong partnerships like the one they have with the EU, they will have the ability to decisively deal with the complexities of today’s world that they live in.


CETA is a progressive trade agreement between Canada and the EU. The agreement features a few of the powerful commitments included in an EU trade agreement.

More to this, it includes the promotion of labor rights, protection of the environment, and sustainable development. In conclusion, it incorporates Canadian and EU commitments to apply international rules on workers’ rights, environmental protection, and climate action.