Brussels, 4 October 2022 (TDI): The Council of the European Commission approved the Netherlands’ resilient plan and gave a green signal to go ahead with the plan after the assessment of the plan.

The plan includes the EU’s common objectives of creating and making a more competitive, greener, and digital economy.

This plan will be specifically annexed with the 2019 and 2020 recommendations. While the Dutch plan will comply with the 2022 country-specific recommendations adopted by the council in July 2022.

After the Council’s adoption, a total of 4.7 billion euros of funds allocation will be used in the facility funds by the Netherlands.

These funds were provided by the European commission council to the Netherlands for helping them in the recovery plan.

These funds will help the Netherlands economy to further support the Dutch economy. It will make the Dutch economy more strong and more resilient the amid energy crisis.

The Netherlands’ plan includes that the Dutch will support climate objectives and targets with the allocation of 48% of its measure.

The plan also includes investment in decarbonization. This also includes investment in the restoration of nature, renewable energy sources, and sustainability.

These initiatives take in the hike energy crisis and reduce the dependency on Russian energy sources. These measures will repower the European Union and will also include contributions to the green transition economy.

This also includes investments in energy-efficient housing, offshore wind, & new energy law. The consumer will be able to sell its self-produced renewable energy. The plan devotes 26 percent of the total allocation of the investment to the digital transition.

Which will include artificial intelligence and quantum technology, digital government, and education. This will help in making the administration more transparent.