Tunis, 11 June 2023 (TDI): In a step towards bolstering the partnership between the EU and Tunisia, the EU has unveiled a comprehensive 5-pillar package aimed at fostering cooperation and development.

The first pillar of the package focuses on strengthening the Tunisian economy. As part of this endeavor, Team Europe is considering providing up to €900 million in macro-financial assistance, alongside an additional €150 million in immediate budget support. These financial measures aim to support Tunisia in building a robust economy, stimulating growth, and improving the livelihoods of its citizens.

The second pillar of the package aims to enhance trade and investment between the EU and Tunisia. By encouraging greater economic ties, both parties seek to unlock new opportunities for businesses, stimulate job creation, and foster economic prosperity. The main focus includes modernization and digitization.

Mutually beneficial energy cooperation forms the third pillar of the package. Recognizing the importance of sustainable energy solutions, Team Europe aims to collaborate closely with Tunisia to promote clean energy initiatives, technological advancements, the exchange of expertise, and enhance Tunisia’s capability for the export of energy.

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Addressing common migration challenges constitutes the fourth pillar of the comprehensive package. Team Europe is committed to working closely with Tunisia to develop effective and humane migration policies, especially for the prevention of all kinds of smuggling. This includes providing support for migration management, ensuring the protection of migrants’ rights, and fostering cooperation on border control and asylum procedures. This year, the EU will provide 1 million Euros for this purpose.

The fifth and final pillar focuses on bringing the people of Europe and Tunisia closer together. Through cultural exchanges, educational programs, and enhanced people-to-people connections, Team Europe aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation between the two regions. By strengthening these ties, the EU and Tunisia can cultivate long-lasting friendships and promote intercultural dialogue.

In short, the comprehensive 5-pillar package showcases the EU’s commitment to supporting Tunisia’s development and strengthening bilateral relations. This collaboration holds the potential to unlock new opportunities, drive sustainable growth, and bring about positive change for the people of both the EU and Tunisia.