Idlib, 7 October 2023 (TDI): In a harrowing turn of events, hostilities have ravaged northwest Syria, leading to tragic casualties, injuries, and mass displacement among civilians in over 50 villages.

In the midst of the Syrian North West crisis, Idlib is facing a severe escalation of violence, marking one of the most significant attacks in the region since 2019.

Since October 5th, continuous shelling and airstrikes have caused tragic casualties and forced displacements.

As of October 6th, local health authorities reported 16 fatalities, including five women and two children, with 81 more injured, including 21 women and 17 children.

Expressing deep concern, Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator (DRHC) for the Syria Crisis, David Carden, voiced alarm over escalating hostilities in northwest Syria.

He extended heartfelt condolences to affected families and urged all parties to adhere strictly to International Humanitarian Law, emphasizing the critical need for protecting civilians and civilian infrastructure.

UN Secretary-General, António Guterres expressed deep concern about the ongoing attacks and retaliatory shelling in Syria.

He emphasized the urgent need for a nationwide ceasefire and stressed the importance of protecting civilians and their infrastructure in accordance with international humanitarian law.

While the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, urged restraint after a fatal drone attack targeted a military graduation event in Homs, amidst escalating violence in the country.

The attack resulted in over 80 deaths, including military personnel, civilians, and children, with hundreds more injured.

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In a concerning statement addressing the Syrian North West crisis, Geir Pedersen expressed grave worries about increased violence. He highlighted pro-government shelling in Idlib, resulting in civilian casualties and infrastructure strikes.

The northwest also saw escalated attacks by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, while Turkish strikes occurred in the northeast following an attack claimed by PKK on Turkish Government facilities.

Expressing deep sorrow for the loss of life, Geir Pedersen urgently implores all parties to show restraint.

He emphasizes the critical importance of immediate de-escalation, advocating for a nationwide ceasefire and collaborative efforts to counter Security Council-listed terrorist groups, aligning with resolution 2254 (2015).