Copenhagen, 28 June 2022 (TDI): The Pakistan Embassy in Denmark hosted a virtual youth event in partnership with the Danish Embassy.

Ahmad Farooq, Pakistan Ambassador to Denmark, and Lis Rosenholm, Danish Ambassador to Pakistan, conducted this virtual youth event.

Further, the meeting’s goal was to advise the young about career alternatives, procedures, and development in the Danish Foreign Service.

The activity was part of the Embassy’s continuous efforts to engage youngsters in greater networking and collaborative efforts for a fruitful future for the Pakistani community in Denmark.

Pakistan and Denmark Bilateral ties

Denmark and Pakistan have long-standing, dependable, and forward-thinking political, economic, and cultural ties. One of the most essential responsibilities of both countries is to bring their interests together in an open and reciprocal discussion.

As always, strong international collaboration is essential. The hope is to increase mutually beneficial opportunities for Pakistan and Denmark in the aftermath of the coronavirus catastrophe, fostering a resilient and sustainable economy that is more in tune with nature.

Additionally, Pakistan and Denmark collaborated more closely in areas such as health, water, food, climate change, and gender equality.

Also, It is critical for developing a diverse variety of relationships to strengthen the links across nations throughout the government, industry, institutions, and artists.

The youth holds the key to a better and more sustainable future for everybody and the youth plays important role in the development of Pakistan and bilateral ties between both countries.

Pakistan and Denmark established diplomatic ties during Pakistan’s early years of independence. Moreover, on October 13, 1949, Axel Caspar Frederik Sporon-Fridler, the Danish representative in Tehran, was accredited to Karachi.

In November 1976, Pakistan established an Ambassador-level permanent Mission in Copenhagen. Denmark was formerly accredited to Pakistan’s Embassy in The Hague, The Netherlands.

In addition to this, Pakistan maintains an embassy in Copenhagen. Denmark maintains an embassy in Islamabad.

In conclusion, in Denmark, over 20,000 Pakistanis reside and work, making them the fifth-largest non-Western group.

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