Islamabad, June 10, 2023 (TDI):  The German Embassy in Islamabad recently organized its annual Alumni gathering, a prestigious event that brought together a diverse group of scholars and fellows who have studied and conducted research in Germany.

The gathering provided a platform for these accomplished individuals to reconnect, share their experiences, and celebrate their achievements.

The event saw the participation of numerous Alumni from renowned programs such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH), and the CrossCulture Program (CCP). Esteemed guests included Ms. Dorota Berezicki, Head of Communications and Cultural Affairs, who welcomed the attendees with her opening remarks.

His Excellency Alfred Grannas, the German Ambassador to Pakistan, took the opportunity to express his appreciation for the significant contributions made by the alumni in their respective fields. Ambassador Grannas emphasized the importance of the friendships developed between Pakistan and Germany through these connections, highlighting the mutual benefits that arise from such collaborations.

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The highlight of the gathering was a thought-provoking panel discussion on Food Security in Pakistan. Moderated by Dr. Abdul Wakeel, the panel featured distinguished experts, including Prof. Samina Mehnaz, Dr. Tahir Usman, Prof. M. Saqib, Dr. Nayer Iqbal, and Dr. Faisal Cheema. The panelists engaged in an open and constructive dialogue, sharing valuable insights and proposing strategies to address the pressing issue of food security.

In recognition of the valuable contributions made by the alumni, Ambassador Grannas presented certificates of recognition to each of them, acknowledging their achievements and dedication. This gesture honored their commitment to academic excellence and their efforts in advancing research and knowledge exchange between Germany and Pakistan.

Adding a captivating cultural touch to the evening, the audience was treated to enchanting melodies by “The Kabul Trio,” an all-female musical band from Afghanistan. Their performances were met with resounding applause and cheers, showcasing the unifying power of music in fostering cross-cultural connections.

The event concluded with a meet-and-greet session, allowing the alumni to reconnect and network with one another, fostering new connections and renewing old friendships. The attendees enjoyed a delightful dinner that brought the evening to a close, leaving them with cherished memories of a remarkable gathering.

About the Embassy of Germany: The Embassy of Germany in Islamabad is committed to strengthening bilateral relations and promoting cultural and academic exchange between Germany and Pakistan.

Through various programs and initiatives, the embassy fosters collaboration and mutual understanding in diverse fields of expertise.


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