Egypt Minister of International Cooperation meets Iraqi Minister

Egypt Minister of International Cooperation, Rania Al Mashat, meeting with Iraqi Minister of Planning, Khalid Batal Al-Najm, in Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo, 10 December 2021 (TDI): Egypt Minister of International Cooperation, Rania Al-Mashat, meets Iraqi Minister of Planning, Khalid Batal Al-Najm. The meeting between both officials was held on 9 December in Cairo, Egypt.

The two officials discussed bilateral relations between Iraq and Egypt, and triple cooperation between Iraq, Egypt, and Jordan.

Egyptian Minister Remarks

During the meeting, Minister Rania Al Mashat welcomed the Iraqi Minister and delegation on their visit to Egypt. The Iraqi Minister and Egyptian Minister talked about the triple cooperation between Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq. They emphasize levels of integration and cooperation that benefit three countries.

Moreover, Minister Rania Al Mashat underscored the importance of infrastructure projects. These projects are in the areas of housing, new cities, transportation, and the construction of new cities in Egypt. Minister Rania A Mashat said, “We are working with all our efforts to remove any obstacles to transformation without implementing any of the decisions of the Joint Supreme Committee.”

Furthermore, Minister Rania Al Mashat stressed the presence of will between Iraq and Egypt leaders to remove obstacles to enhance joint cooperation between two countries. Minister focused on the importance of strategic integration at investment, commercial and economic levels between two countries.

Iraqi Minister Remarks 

Iraqi Planning Minister Khalid Batal Al-Najm pointed that Iraqi delegation visits came within the framework of cooperation between two countries. He also highlighted that both countries share many projects; these include agricultural, construction, housing, pharmaceutical industries, and electricity.

Furthermore, the Iraqi Minister showed a desire to enhance bilateral cooperation with Egypt. It will help both countries to level up the economic integration and benefit both countries. The Iraqi Minister also revealed that both sides had signed several documents in different areas including Anti-drinking, Consumer Protection, Justice, Water Resources, Justice, Exhibition, Oil, and Industrial Cooperation.