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Economic Diplomacy: Chinese Ambassador met Asad Umar to discuss CPEC


Islamabad: July 14, 2021 –(TDI):: Minister of Planning, Development, and Reform Pakistan, Asad Umer met with the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong in Islamabad. The meeting’s main purpose was to discuss the upcoming 10th JCC, Joint Working Group (JWG) meetings, SEEZ’s, and economic cooperation between the two countries.

In conversation with Nong Rong, Federal Minister stated that CPEC is on the right track and informed that the speed of project completion will prompt up in the coming weeks. He also mentioned that the work done by JWC (7 joint working groups (JWGs) under the JCC) was satisfactory. Talking about the Special economic zones under CPEC, Asad Umar stated that developing and executing the SEZs are presently the top priority of Pakistan and that these SEZs will enable industrial joint ventures to combine businesses from the Chinese as well as Pakistani sides.

Talking about the upcoming JCC meeting this month, Amb. Nong Rong mentioned that the meeting will open new ways and opportunities for both the states which will definitely boost the friendly bilateral cooperation between China and Pakistan.

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