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The National Library Auditorium was charged on Saturday night with sound of classical music being played by Pakistani and Hungarian musicians. They were singing the duet tunes for Sufi fusion music and the audiences cheered and clapped on the sound of the music.

The Diplomatic Insight, University of Gujrat and Inter University Consortium for the Promotion of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts arranged an exclusive concert “East-West Strings: Sufi Musical Fusion Evening” featuring Ms.Katalin Burns from Hungary and Mr. Qurban Niyazi from Pakistan on 6th April, 2013 at National Library Auditorium.

Both artists did a duet fusion Sufi music to promote the cultural diplomacy between East and West to bring the nations closer together. The Sufi musical evening was arranged to make strings of East(Pakistan) will meet West( Hungary) to make the rhythm to remember.

Prior to their performance, young students from University of Gujrat did an act on a famous Sufi Song. The audience cheered and encouraged the talent of young ones. Both the artist enthralled the audience with their upbeat performance.

Ms. Katalin Burns is an artist with a mission to build bridges between cultures through (mostly vocal) music. She has been experimenting and studying various vocal techniques from all over the world, but of course, she has been most faithful to her own Hungarian roots. She is also a flutist and a traditional storyteller in the Hungarian vocal musical form.

On the other hand Mr.Qurban Niyazi is a prominent Pakistani folk singer with a vision to promote local Sufi Music to the world. Keeping the beautiful musical legacy of his late brother Tufail Niazi, who has mesmerized the people around the globe for years till his sad demise. Mr. Qurban has been associated with Radio and Television for more than 45 years. He won many prestigious awards from Private Government Institutes and performed not only nationally but also thrilled the audience internationally.

The concert had a clear message that Pakistan is a secure land and there is nothing to be terrorized about what is being portrayed by International media. This also reflected that Pakistan and people of Pakistan are meant to develop deep rooted linkages with outside world keeping their traditions and heritage alive.

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