New York, 27 September 2022 (TDI): Permanent Representative of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the United Nations (UN), Kim Song addressed the general debate at the 77th UNGA in New York on the 26th of September 2022.

Kim Song said that global security was in an imperfect state since the Second World War due to some countries attempting to replace the prevalent international order.

Gesturing toward the address of US President Joe Biden, Kim Song censured the US for its policies towards DPRK aka North Korea.

Further, Ambassador Kim Song argued, that urgent reforms are needed for the global security environment. He suggested, “Urgent priority should be given to the expansion and strengthening of the representation of developing countries.

They account for the absolute majority of the UN membership”. Moving ahead he questioned the world’s silence on the arms build-up by some countries.

On the contrary, he complained that the UNSC counters North Korea in its efforts “to enhance national defense capabilities.”

While addressing the conflict in Korean Peninsula, Kim Song pointed out various factors contributing to regional instability.

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Kim Song concluded by saying, “the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea sets great store by sovereign equality and international justice. It will fulfill its responsibilities and role in ensuring peace and security on the Korean peninsula.”

Along these lines, he called for cooperation with all nations that “oppose and reject aggression and interference, domination and subordination”.

He also offered multifaceted exchanges and cooperation even with the countries having cordial ties with North Korea.