Islamabad, 10 June 2022 (TDI): The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Pakistan’s Assistant Resident Representative, Rana Kaiser Ishaque, met with the delegate from Pakistan Customs, Federal Board of Revenue, traders, and clearing agents to implement a pilot digital dashboard for digital transformation in the country.

Program officer Anita Usama Bakhtiar and Policy analyst UNDP Umer Akhlaq were also present during the meeting. According to the sources, the digital dashboard aims to monitor trade processes and develop Pakistan’s first online complaint redressal mechanism. The forum has been carried out as a part of the digital transformation structure.

digital transformation
UNDP is Implementing a Digital pilot dashboard to monitor trade processes and develop Pakistan’s first online complaint redressal mechanism.
Promoting local talent 
Digital transformation
Representatives from UNDP Pakistan attending the final year projects display at FAST-NUCS,

Earlier, the UNDP human resource colleagues visited the FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad campus, to review to final year projects of the graduating students. The visit aimed to promote industry-academia liaison and potential future work opportunities at UNDP.

Reducing the gender gap in the digital economy

Meanwhile, UNDP Pakistan is strongly committed to accelerating the representation of women in the digital realm of Pakistan. For this purpose, UNDP Pakistan and Jazz are collaborating to promote digital inclusion among the women of Pakistan through enhanced access to Infroamtionand Communication Technology (ICT).

Currently, UNDP is supporting the Government of Baluchistan to increase access to public services for women to achieve agenda 2030. In addition, Meaningful consultations and negotiations have been arranged with the key stakeholders and social welfare departments to address critical challenges and mitigation measures.

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