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Deputy HC, UNHCR urges to end war in Ukraine


Geneva/Budapest, 20 April 2022 (TDI): UN Deputy High Commissioner for UNHCR, Kelly T. Clements urged the Security Council meeting on Tuesday to end the war by putting aside their divisions and finding a way to end “horrific and senseless war.

Sharing the statistics during the statistics, the High Commissioner revealed that 7 million people are internally displaced while 5 million people have fled Ukraine since the start of the war. 13 million people in the hardest-hit areas cannot reach for relocation and humanitarian aid. She shared that Ukraine’s neighboring countries include refugees in national education, health, and social programs.

She further affirmed that the agency would continue to expand the lifesaving aid to the internally displaced throughout Ukraine. She said that these humanitarian actions require resources and unhindered access to the people trapped in encircled cities.

“No pile of blankets, no sum of cash, no amount of medicine will halt the death and destruction,” remarked the Deputy High Commissioner. She said that millions of displaced people are forced to make impossible and heart-breaking decisions. While sharing the UN’s details of humanitarian aid operations, the Deputy High Commissioner urged the Council to do its job as well.

Responses by neighboring countries

The UN representative urges to end the war and appreciated the positive response by the neighboring states. She said that concerned states kept their borders open to provide protection, safety, and aid to the people in need. These inspiring responses are only surpassed by the strength and composure of the refugees. She said that the refugees hope for peace to return to their homes. UN urges to end the war to minimize negative outcomes on the people.

Increased risks for the refugees

Director-General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Antonio Vitorino warned that an increase in attacks on the cities would result in more civilian casualties and internal and external displacement. Voicing the risks faced by the refugees, he said that 30% of the displaced population would experience some negative psychological impacts. He emphasized the risk of human trafficking on women and children, leading to violence, abuse, and exploitation. He stressed collaborative measures to ensure the refugees’ supplies, support, and services by planning.

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