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Deputy Administrator of USAID meets UN Special envoy to Burma


Washington, 7 May 2022 (TDI): Isobel Coleman, USAID’s Deputy Administrator, spoke with Noeleen Heyzer, the UN Special envoy to Burma. This was confirmed by Spokesperson Rebecca Chalif.

The dignitaries got together to talk about the humanitarian situation in Burma. Including efforts to ensure humanitarian access to those in need.

The UN’s efforts to improve humanitarian access to conflict-affected and internally displaced individuals in Burma were discussed. Affected communities in conflict areas were also talked about.

Concerns about the protection that greatly affect women and children were also discussed. They talked about the importance of putting the ASEAN Five-Point Consensus into action as soon as possible.

They also called for an immediate end to violence and called for all parties to engage in helpful dialogue in order to settle the conflict agreeably.

Deputy Administrator Coleman and Special Envoy Heyzer also discussed USAID’s sustained coordination of bilateral development assistance to civil society groups and the private sector in conflict-affected areas of Burma, including agriculture and health. It seeks to improve these sectors and enhance productivity and socio-economic development.

The situation in Burma: 

Since February 2021, many Burma people have been displaced due to increasing conflict. As of March 28, around 558,000 individuals had been displaced. This is the highest amount of displacement the country has seen since the government’s overthrow.

According to the UN, armed conflicts in Burma continue to result in civilian losses and great displacement. As of March 19, there had been at least 1,600 civilian deaths, with thousands more injured.

According to a February market report, insecurity and an increase in checkpoints have troubled access to basic items. Some routes link to places shattered by conflict, while others are difficult to get to.

Price instability and shortages of important items continue to affect areas hit by violence. In Burma, insecurity prevents reliable transportation along important supply routes, and regular conflicts limit consumers’ access to markets.

The Deputy Administrator also met with Ramiz Alakbarov, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator (RC/HC) for Afghanistan in a separate meeting

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