Tallinn, 14 May 2022 (TDI): Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Jan Lipavský spoke at the 15th Lennart Meri Conference in Tallin on digital and cyber security.

Minister Jan Lipavský stated that securing an open, free and secure cyberspace is a big challenge for the age of today and that it is a priority for him as a Minister and his Party.

Lennart Meri Conference and Estonia Cyber security

Firstly, the Conference continues to mark President Lennart Meri’s legacy in foreign and security policy thinking.

Estonia has the most advanced cyber security in Europe due to its unique expertise in the development, research and management of cyber security solutions and systems.

Therefore, the Conference includes distinguished analysts, politicians, policymakers, academia, military personnel from around the globe in Tallin.

Key foreign and security policy issues are discussed at the Conference mainly from the perspective of the eastern and northern parts of Europe.

In 2007, it was ensured that Estonia continues to be regarded as willing and able to become a partner in identifying solutions to Europe’s problems.

Likewise, it has developed to be one of the highly prominent security policy conferences in the region. Most importantly, the President of Estonia is an active participant and patron of the conference.

Moreover, the War in Ukraine has shown the fragility of peace and order in Europe requiring robust and coordinated responses. More to this, governments and civil societies have been showing their solidarity with Ukraine.

This year’s conference is aimed at broadening the scope of the conference. As a result, more attention will be given to countries like India, Australia, regions of Central and Asia and the Middle East.

Above all, this year’s Conference also intends to focus on the possibilities offered by the world and its many pressing problems.

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