Cuban Ambassador denounces US blockades

The Ambassador of Cuba in Pakistan, Zéner Javier Caro González

Islamabad, 27 April 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of Cuba to Pakistan, Zenor Caro, shared the cost of damages incurred to Cuba due to US blockades on his Twitter.

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Cuba announced that the U.S. blockade against Cuba incurs accumulated economic damages that exceed 150 billion USD.

Furthermore, he told that more than 12 million USD per day, more than 365 million USD per month, is damaged.

However, he expressed Cuba’s defiance and said that it won’t bow to the US pressure even though sanctions are hard. He proclaimed, “Sanctions damage our economy and harm our people, but they cannot bring us to our knees. We won’t bend down.”

The tweet came after the Cuban Ambassador expressed his resentment of Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s “disrespectful” mention of Cuba.

At a press conference on Monday, Ahsan Iqbal had said that Pakistan wanted to become a strong country for which it needed a strong economy at the global level. He added that he did “not want Pakistan to turn into Cuba or North Korea”.

In response, the Cuban ambassador expressed that the Pakistani people have respect and affection for Cuban and the Minister’s remark does not represent the general sentiment. He tweeted, “Fortunately, Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s disrespectful mention of Cuba in his press conference in Lahore does not represent and has nothing to do with Pakistanis’ true respect and deep affection for Cuba.”

Later, Ahsan Iqbal clarified that his remarks were “only in the context of foreign policy”.

Moreover, the Cuban Ambassador received messages of solidarity from many Pakistanis. He tweeted, “Deeply grateful for the overwhelming expressions of solidarity received in the last hours”.

Pakistan-Cuba Relations

Both countries opened their embassies in each other’s capitals in 1963. In 2005, Cuba sent humanitarian aid to the earthquake disaster victims in Pakistan. The event led to the improvement of ties between the two nations.

Moreover, Pakistan and Cuba enjoy good people-to-people relations. In addition, they have good economic, cultural, education, and technology ties. Also, they have good inter-parliamentary relations.

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