The plenary session of the Majilis, the lower house of Parliament, was held via videoconference format in Kazakhstan
The plenary session of the Majilis, the lower house of Parliament, was held via videoconference format

Nur-Sultan, 12 January 2022 (TDI): The main phase of the anti-terrorist operation completed its work, the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said at the plenary session of the Majilis, the lower house of Parliament, on Jan 11. The situation has been stabilized in all regions.


Furthermore, the law enforcement agencies, the National Guard, and the army are carrying out large-scale and well-coordinated efforts to restore law and order after the terrorist attacks in Almaty and some other regions.

Moreover, Kazakhstan announced a state of emergency to ensure public safety and protect the rights and freedoms of the people from Jan. 5 to 19. President Tokayev said that a gradual withdrawal of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) peacekeeping forces will start in two days.

The mission consists of 2,030 troops and 250 units of military equipment. The withdrawal of military forces will last for 10 days. Kazakhstan experienced armed violence and terror attacks, said Tokayev. “At first, protests took place in the regions, in particular in Zhanaozen.

At the second stage, criminals and marauders stormed the city. Then, armed terrorists including foreign militants attacked Almaty. Their key goal was to take over the administrative buildings, undermine the constitutional order, and plan an attempted coup d’etat, ” he said.

Now it is important to identify who was behind the terrorist attacks. A special operational group will investigate the case and disclose all the causes and details of the tragic events.
The President spoke about the strategic need to restructure the Armed Forces, law enforcement, national security agencies, and intelligence services.

They will also create a special operation command to increase the effectiveness of the military forces. All the bodies have one main mission: to protect people and the constitutional order. The new reforms in the law enforcement system will be on the agenda at the meeting of the Security Council soon.

The President also put forward the task to the National Bank and the Atameken Chamber of Entrepreneurs to take measures to control inflation with the target corridor of 3-4 percent by 2025. The measures include the reduction of import dependence, excess intermediation, and monetary policy instruments.

Tokayev said that they created all necessary conditions to attract foreign direct investment. He expressed Kazakhstan’s interest in maintaining a favorable investment climate. The government will take all necessary measures to rebuild the confidence of domestic and foreign investors. All obligations and guarantees to investors will be provided.

A new Investment Policy Concept is necessary to increase the country’s attractiveness in the light of strengthening environmental, social; and governance (ESG) requirements – global energy and technological transition” he said.

Newly appointed Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov will put forward the government’s action program for 2022 within three weeks. The Government will present the program at the extended meeting in early February.


Tokayev reminded everyone that the fight against COVID-19 remains a key priority as the country now observes a surge in cases. Also, Tokayev announced plans to create “For the People of Kazakhstan” public social fund to resolve social issues.

“The fund will support families to treat children with rare diseases. The new sports facilities for children will be built in cities and regions. The fund will also support talented children. We will help Almaty to recover from the tragedy” he said.

The fund will not operate under the President’s administration or government. The government will form a supervisory board to ensure the transparency of its activities. “The attacks on our cities, families, and also friends showed how fragile the main values of our country are – peace and stability. The state and people are united. These concepts are impartible when it comes to the security of the country,” he said.


The President also remarked that the government will provide help to the families of the deceased law enforcement officers, military personnel, & civilians. Tokayev also said that the government will also provide housing & education allowances to those families.

Moreover, the Government will provide financial assistance and other types of support to businesses at the time of crisis. The assistance for businesses includes interest payment on loans, payment of administrative fines, and penalties that have been temporarily suspended.

The Government will make a special effort to address the issues of economic inequality in Kazakhstan. It will ensure that incomes of all groups of the population grow at pace with the growth of the national economy.