Ottawa, 7 September 2023 (TDI): On September 6, the Costa Rican Vice Minister of Bilateral Affairs and International Cooperation Ambassador Lydia Peralta led the third Political Consultations along with Rob Stewart, the Canadian Vice Minister of International Trade to enhance cooperation between Canada and Costa Rica.

Vice minister Peralta emphasized the shared dedication of both states to uphold the principles of the rule of law, the protection of democracy and its institutions, safety, and promotion of human rights, support multilateralism, promote sustainable development, fight racism, and many more.

Additionally, Vice Minister Peralta highlighted the shared values of both nations in collaborating with societies to create opportunities for the development of all individuals.

Furthermore, the working groups at the meeting underscored their commitment to promoting secure, organized, and regulated migration within the region. The Canadian delegation highlighted Canada’s decision to include Cost Rica in the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) program.

Costa Rica’s addition to the ETA program signifies the strong bilateral ties between the two countries and will assist in better academic, scientific, cultural, and social exchanges.

Moreover, both state representatives reaffirmed their mutual commitment to shared values and principles regarding enhancing multilateralism, combating climate change, international security, and progress of the blue agenda.

Canada’s second-largest trading partner in Central America is Costa Rica, and their annual trade growth is 3.8%.

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In addition, Main export items are medical devices, frozen and fresh pineapples, coffee, ready-made food products, and sweet corn. The Free Trade Agreement between the two states started back in 2002.

In the meeting, both sides highlighted their joint action at multilateral and regional levels in different areas, with a shared commitment to foster a more democratic, stable region characterized by sustainable development.

Lastly, both countries affirmed their devotion to ongoing progress in various fields and expressed their mutual dedication to expanding business, investment, and tourism opportunities.