Sharm el Sheikh, 25 November 2022 (TDI): Desert to Power Event at the COP27 sought to transform the Sahel from fragility to resilience and prosperity. The event was organized to bring African countries together for energy accessibility.

The event brought together many stakeholders and policymakers to look at a way forward for Energy Accessibility to 250 million people and more on the African continent.

The agenda to ensure that all this is brought to reality was what brought all these people as they were focusing on the African continent as a whole.

During the event, there were sessions, and each tackled a problem that was much of interest to the energy sector of the continent.

The Panel discussion

The panel discussion session focused on facilitating Private Sector Investment in the Sahel. The emphasis is based on the governments, development partners, and private sector seeking to promote development on the continent was one of the aims of the participants and the organizers of the event.

The President of Djibouti as part of the discussion talked about the resource the continent will need to be able to move forward.

The development of the continent in the energy sector has been one of the main aims of many policymakers on the continent.

Climate financing was also one of the main topics under deliberation. The ability to finance a lot of the Sahel countries and the African continent, in general, was a priority they set to embark on.

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The Climate financing was to ensure that countries on the continent receive the needed funds. Also, they looked at the organizations which are set up to carry out these tasks on the continent.

Referring to the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) agenda to support the fight was much appreciated at the event.

The issue of African countries paying much for these activities was raised as to how those challenges can be solved. These and many others were the issues raised to solve Africa’s development of energy.