Islamabad, 3rd July 2023 (TDI):  Chinese Embassy in Pakistan proudly commemorated the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on 1st July 2023. This remarkable milestone highlights China’s journey toward achieving modernization under the visionary leadership of the CPC.

In a tweet by the Chinese embassy in Pakistan, It acknowledges that through its tireless efforts, China has not only made significant strides in its own development but has also become an invaluable contributor to global peace and development.


The CPC’s unwavering commitment to progress and innovation has propelled China to new heights. Over the past century, China has witnessed extraordinary achievements across various sectors, ranging from infrastructure development, technological advancements and economic reforms.

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The CPC’s leadership has fostered an environment conducive to growth, resulting in enhanced living standards, increased prosperity, and improved social welfare for the Chinese people.

Xi Jinping, the leader of the Communist Party of China, emphasized the need for theoretical innovation within the Party during a study session of the Political Bureau. In an article published in the Qiushi Journal, Xi called on young officials to fulfill their responsibilities and become trustworthy individuals who are loyal to the Party and the people.

The article highlighted the importance of upholding Marxism and striving for the ideals of communism and socialism with Chinese characteristics. It also emphasized the need to combat corruption, which significantly threatens the Party’s integrity.

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Experts have noted that many well-educated young officials and Party members are in key positions and possess the ability to generate new ideas and innovations.

Chinese people organized various events and activities over the weekend to mark the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC).