Chinese Ambassador write about China-Djibouti partnership

Chinese Ambassador to Djibouti, Hu Bin.

Djibouti, 30 September 2021 (TDI): The Ambassador of China to Djibouti, Hu Bin, wrote about the partnership of China Djibouti Africa, with the title “Continuing together a common development on the new starting point. He wrote that the 72nd anniversary of China will take place on October 1, 2021.

Hu Bin also mentioned the 100th anniversary of the ruling party, which has played a role in the establishment of a moderately prosperous society. The aim of China is to establish a modern socialist country till the second centenary.

The ambassador also highlighted the achievements of China at the national level, in strengthening the economy, developing scientific and technological innovation, save the environment, and integral building a society. Moreover, Hu Bin unscored the multilateral developmental cooperation between China and the African region.  

While underlining the enhanced international influence of China, the ambassador reminded the 50th anniversary of the restoration of China’s lawful seat in the United Nations. He said that the world is moving toward unilateralism during the pandemic, and on the other side China has partnered with the international community for anti-COVID measurements.

Further, the ambassador talked about friendly bilateral relations between China and Djibouti. He said that the cooperation between both countries has increased in various areas, such as strategic, social, and economic. Beijing and Djibouti are jointly cooperating on the developmental projects, Belt and Road Initiative and “Djibouti Vision 2035”. 

He noted commonality between the two states and underlined the policy of external interference in domestic matters of states. While assuring China’s support to Djibouti, the ambassador announced a donation of 50,000 COVID-19 vaccines to the country. He emphasized the upcoming opportunities as a result of Sino-Djiboutian relations.