Islamabad, 14 November 2023 (TDI): At the heart of “Dosti Park Club,” Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Jiang Zaidong, underscored the profound influence of Chinese organizational methodologies on fostering robust development in developing nations.

Addressing a gathering themed around Chinese modernization and diplomacy, Ambassador Zaidong shed light on the transformative power of these practices in instilling hope and confidence among nations striving for a collective future.

Reflecting on President Xi Jinping’s visionary eight-step program unveiled during the Belt and Road Forum, Ambassador Zaidong highlighted the myriad opportunities these initiatives offer to participating countries.

Chinese Ambassador highlights impact on developing nations

He applauded China’s momentous achievements under President Xi’s stewardship, particularly the remarkable feat of uplifting 800 million people out of poverty, outstripping the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals by a decade.

Amid ongoing discussions on China’s modernization trajectory, Ambassador Zaidong reaffirmed his nation’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the common prosperity of all Chinese citizens and enhancing the livelihoods of ordinary individuals.

Shifting the focus to the transformative China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the ambassador illuminated its early successes, citing staggering figures such as $25.4 billion in direct investment and the creation of 236,000 jobs.

Highlighting CPEC’s profound impact on infrastructure development, Ambassador Zaidong pointed to milestones including the completion of 510 kilometers of highways, 868 kilometers of national roads, and the initiation of 8,020 megawatts of electricity projects.

Notably, the impending functionality of the new international airport at Gwadar promises further enhancements, with plans to deploy 10,000 solar panels in Balochistan, underscoring tangible benefits for local communities and amplifying Pakistan’s economic and social progress.

Expressing optimism about CPEC’s far-reaching outcomes, particularly in ameliorating Pakistan’s energy deficits and revolutionizing local transportation through initiatives like the Orange Line in Lahore, Ambassador Zaidong affirmed, “CPEC epitomizes the dedication of the Chinese people to bestowing concrete advantages upon local communities and fortifying Pakistan’s path towards unparalleled development.”

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Proposing three pivotal points of collaboration for the future, consolidation, deepening ongoing projects, and relentless enhancement, the ambassador stressed the significance of building upon successful endeavors like the ML1 and KKH rebooting projects.

Eagerly anticipating forthcoming strides, he announced an upcoming delegation from Xinjiang province aimed at fostering agricultural cooperation, showcasing agricultural zones, and proposing collaborative ventures in Special Economic Zones (SEZs).

The ambassador concluded by expressing China’s keenness to bolster collaboration in the mining sector, reaffirming the commitment to fortifying bilateral ties and bolstering Pakistan’s sustained progress.