New York, 29 June 2022 (TDI): The Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun gave his remarks at the UN Security Council Briefing on Ukraine.

Ambassador Zhang Jun mentioned that the Ukraine conflict is already four months long. The international community is closely following the issue. China has also made its assessment based on the historical contexts and merits of the issue.

The Chinese leader has mentioned that it is compulsory to respect the territorial integrity and serenity of every nation. The principles of the UN charter must be respected.

it is important to the security issues of all the countries seriously. Also, the efforts for a peaceful settlement are very important.

He added that China is committed to promoting peace talks. It will make all the efforts to de-escalate the issue to restore global peace and stabilize the global economy.

Likewise, he showed concerns about the continuation of this conflict. The humanitarian situation is getting worse. Casualties are increasing and people are suffering.

China stresses that dialogue is the only understandable way to end this conflict and restore peace. China supports the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Ending the conflict as early as possible is the keen aspiration of the global community.

He further added that sending weapons to nations will not bring peace. Also placing sanctions cannot end the conflict. Meanwhile, weaponizing the global economy and forcing states to take sides will divide the international community.

In addition, delaying the negotiation and dialogue will only add more fuel to the fire.

Role of NATO

Ambassador Zhang Jun said that the expansion of alliances and the pursuit of one’s own security at the expense of other states will create more security dilemmas.

Five eastward expansions of NATO have only made Europe less secure. It also seeded the conflicts. NATO should reconsider its responsibilities and positioning. They should change their Cold War mentality.

Moreover, China is paying close attention to NATO’s strategic adjustments. He expressed that it is deeply concerned about the implication of its “Strategic Concept”.

NATO has caused trouble for many countries around the world. Also, they must not use the Ukraine crisis as an excuse for bloc formation.

Furthermore, he stressed that they should not make imaginary enemies in the Asia Pacific. China strongly opposes NATO’s involvement in the Asia Pacific region. NATO should not try to implement its Cold War mentality in the Asia Pacific.

The Asia Pacific countries appreciate the hard-won prosperity and peace. They wish to focus on mutual cooperation for the region’s development.

Finally, he said, that any attempt to counter the tide of history is doomed to fail.