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Chinese Agricultural Commissioner honored with Global Ambassador Award


Islamabad, 25 November 2021 (TDI): As a public diplomacy initiative,  Diplomatic Insight Group organized the 4th Global Ambassadors Award Ceremony to acknowledge the services of Ambassadors and diplomats, heads of international organizations, businessmen for the promotion of people to people contact, business, trade, and constructive bilateral relations with their respective states and missions.

As a result of outstanding contribution towards building Pakistan’s strong partnership on Agriculture with China, on behalf of the people of Pakistan,  Diplomatic Insight Group conferred an award to Dr. Gu Wenliang, Agricultural Commissioner, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. This was a humble tribute to his hard work and commitment to promoting agriculture cooperation especially as we are in the second phase of CPEC.

Owning a Ph.D. in Agronomy in 2012, from Hainan University, China, with a major in Plant Molecular Genetics Dr. Gu Wenliang is the perfect person to be the Agricultural Commissioner at the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Pakistan.

Initially, he served as a Researcher at the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences from 2012.07 to 2019.11, and then from 2019.11-To date, he is the Agricultural Commissioner at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, he has worked for Agricultural Exchange and Cooperation, and he is the man responsible for  China Pakistan agricultural cooperation between the two governments, promoting close ties including chambers of commerce, research institutes, and businesses groups, and implementing agricultural cooperation projects under the CPEC.

Along with it, promoting Agricultural trade has always remained the prime objective of Dr. Gu Wenliang. From promoting the export of Pakistani rice, mangoes, citrus, and aquatic products to China, addressing policy barriers in the inspection and quarantine of agricultural products like onion, potato, cherry, dried chili peppers, and dairy products, connecting agricultural traders from both countries, he has worked tirelessly.

In the end, his efforts for Facilitating Agricultural Investment Cooperation must not be left unnoticed. He has worked days in and out for building the China-Pakistan agricultural and industrial cooperation information platform to facilitate bilateral investment in the agricultural sector.

Coordinating Chinese enterprises to implement development projects on contract farming and FMD free zones in Pakistan. Connecting Pakistani companies with Chinese companies in the areas of seed, pesticides and fertilizers, mechanization, irrigation, and food processing.

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