Santo Domingo, 12 August 2021 (TDI): The Chinese Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Zhang Run, donated money to the Ney Arias Lora Traumatological hospital, Dominican Republic.

The donation will be used in developing and enhancing trauma care services and the physical medicine sector of the hospital. The deputy Betty Geronimo, who headed the Dominican-Chinese Friendship parliamentary group, highly valued the ambassador’s action.

Ambassador Zhang Run, while praising the work and service of the hospital, said that the life of civilians is always a priority for both countries. He also stated that “The embassy is willing to continue offering support for economic and social development and the health service of the Caribbean country,”.

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The meeting was held in the presence of deputy Betty Geronimo, Julio Brito, Ignacio Aracena, and Rogelio Alfonso Genao who played the role of mediator.

The event of donation to Dominican hospital, is a contribution to strengthening China and the Caribbean state’s friendly relations. The two countries already have cooperation in various areas, such as agriculture, culture, education, health, military, trade, tourism, and sports.

Relations between China and Dominica
China and Dominica have had a close relationship since they established diplomatic relations in 2004. China has provided significant economic and development assistance to Dominica, including financing for infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and the construction of a new hospital.

China has also provided assistance in the areas of education, health, and disaster relief. For example, in response to Hurricane Maria in 2017, China provided aid to Dominica, including a donation of US$3 million for recovery efforts.

In addition to economic and development assistance, China and Dominica have also collaborated on regional and international issues. China has supported Dominica’s candidacy for the United Nations Human Rights Council and has been a strong supporter of Dominica’s efforts to secure international recognition for its diplomatic passport.

However, China’s growing influence in the Caribbean region has been a concern for some countries, including the United States. The United States has accused China of using its economic and development assistance to gain political influence in the region, and has raised concerns about the potential security implications of China’s presence in the region.

The ties between two states has been characterized by cooperation and mutual benefit, but it has also been subject to geopolitical tensions and concerns about China’s expanding global influence.