Beijing, 26 May 2022 (TDI): The President of China Xi Jinping met with United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on May 25 in Beijing through a video call.

United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Michale Bachelet was welcomed to China by President Xi Jinping.

President discussed significant issues of China’s human rights development in the context of China’s history and culture.

The Chinese people now have fuller, more extended, and more comprehensive democratic rights, according to Xi Jinping.

The Chinese people’s human rights are protected in a way they have never been before. The current government is working to fulfill people’s aspirations for a better life, says President Xi Jinping.

President Xi stated that no one can claim to be flawless when it comes to human rights protection and that there is always space for progress.

He further stressed that China is ready to actively engage in human rights discourse and cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

President Xis’s Four Priority Areas:

The first step is to put them in the spotlight. It is critical to prioritize the people’s interests as the primary purpose and objective. In addition to completing ongoing initiatives to solve the most pressing and immediate concerns and try to provide a better life for them.

That is the most important human right. This is the most essential factor for evaluating a country’s human rights situation.

Secondly, diverse countries’ human rights development trajectories must be respected. The historical, specific, and practical settings of human rights are all important.

Along with that, countries can and should only explore appropriate avenues of human rights development in light of national realities. There are plenty of situations like this, and lessons must be acquired.

Thirdly, all categories of human rights must be approached holistically. Human rights are a vast and all-encompassing notion that requires comprehensive and systematic strategies to advance.

The fourth point is to improve global human rights governance. Human rights promotion and protection is a collective goal for humanity, and as such, it necessitates a dedicated effort from all.

Lastly, President Xi Jinping stated that China will continue to assist the United Nations in its efforts to advance the cause of international human rights.

United Nations Human rights High Commissioner’s remarks :

Michale Bachelet praised China’s efforts and achievements in eradicating poverty, protecting human rights, and achieving economic and social development. As well as its important role in upholding multilateralism, addressing global challenges like climate change, and promoting global sustainable development.