Beijing, 25 June 2022 (TDI): The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin expressed his condolences to the Afghan interim government Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated: “True friendship can stand the test of adversity”. This is a shared proverb in Pashto and Chinese languages.

He stated that the earthquake in the neighboring country has pulled the heartstrings of the Chinese people. He extended his sympathy and mourned for the families that are affected by this natural disaster.

According to recent reports, the earthquake in Afghanistan killed over 1500 people. It also caused huge infrastructure damage in the country.

The supreme leader of the Afghan Taliban has asked the international community to help and assist the Afghan people in these devastating times.

China to provide humanitarian assistance

Wang Wenbin mentioned that China will provide help and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan to the best of its capacity.

China has already provided its assistance to Afghanistan. He announced that China will provide another batch of humanitarian assistance for the relief in damaged areas.

China today has also announced 50 million Yuan ($7.5 million) to Afghanistan in humanitarian assistance for earthquake-hit areas.

It is also working to provide help through multiple channels like the Red Cross Society of China, sub-national governments, and the business community. It is raising money to provide quilts, tents, and other needed things to areas stricken by the earthquake.

China has also provided the grain assistance it previously promised. China will also assist Afghanistan in providing disaster prevention and mitigation cooperation. It will also help Afghanistan in disaster monitoring and forecasting.

Chinese Foreign Minister Spokesperson also added that the concentrated efforts of the social sector and the Afghan interim government with the help of the international community will help the people of Afghanistan.

He hoped that these efforts will surely resume the normal life of Afghan people in a few days.

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