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China questions US Biological labs


Beijing, 11 March 2022 (TDI): China has repeatedly questioned the presence of US biological labs in Ukraine and other countries. According to reports, the US is controlling 26 labs in Ukraine. Moreover, it also has 336 labs in 30 countries.

Along these lines, Chinese Foreign Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian, questioned US biological labs in a Regular Press Conference. The press conference was held on March 8.

Biolabs in Ukraine

According to a Chinese Spokesperson, the biological labs of the US have attracted much attention. As per reports, these labs store lethal viruses. During the special military operation in Ukraine, Russia found these labs.

Moreover, the Chinese spokesman said that the US Biolabs run bio-military operations as well. In response, the US has confirmed that all twenty-six bio labs are under the control of the US Department of Defense.

But, no information will be released without US approval. Thereupon, the Chinese Spokesman has asked neighboring regions and relevant parties to ensure the security of US bio labs. Indeed, it is vital for the safety and health of the people.

On the other hand, he urged the US to disclose the information regarding these labs. In addition to that, he asked authorities to release data regarding the nature of viruses and research related to them.

Biolabs in other countries

Further, he stressed that the labs of Ukraine are just the tip of the iceberg. The US is operating approximately 336 labs in 30 countries. These labs are operating under the pretext of global health safety and the reduction of biological risks.

In the same vein, these labs enabled the US to conduct biological military activities at the Fort Detrick base. Considering the above factors, Chinese spokesmen questioned the true intentions of the US.

He further reiterated that the US has violated the Biological Weapons Convention verification mechanism. For the past two decades, the US is refusing to verify its bio labs at home and abroad.

Moreover, he pointed out that the international community is concerned about these biological research facilities. Lastly, he urged the US to provide an account of biological military operations and also allow multilateral verification of these activities.

What is Biological Weapons Convention?

It is pertinent to note that BWC prohibits the production, development, transfer, acquisition, use, and stockpiling of toxin and biological weaponry. In addition to that, it is the first multilateral treaty to ban weapons of mass destruction.

BWC is the vital element to develop norms against biological weapons. It is also an effective way to address WMD proliferation. Currently, the convention has 183 state parties along with four Signatory States.






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