Beijing, 21 June 2022 (TDI): China published the Global Development Report on Monday. Foreign Minister and State Councilor Wang Yi headed the launch of the Global Development Report through video link.

In September 2021, at UN Headquarters, President Xi Jinping proposed the Global Development Initiative to promote the Agenda 2030. It gained considerable support from more than 100 countries.

The Center for International Knowledge on Development held the first edition of the Global Development Report in a hybrid format.

Diplomats and envoys of 20 countries took part in the event.

Officials from Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, Algeria, Ghana, Fiji, Mexico, Malaysia, Nepal, Moldova, South Africa, Senegal, Turkey, Thailand, and Uruguay were among the participants.

Additionally, representatives from various international organizations and UN development agencies were present at the event.

Aimed for building a global community for development

The Global Development Report aims to build a global community that can act for the development of the whole world.

Likewise, the report explains the fundamental principles, core concepts, and pathways for global development.

GDI focuses on the key areas for Practical cooperation. It further highlights the issues like food security, poverty reduction, climate change, industrialization, financing for development, digital economy, digital connectivity, and measures against Covid-19.

It focuses on the major challenges that the world presently faces. The report especially concentrates on the development of underdeveloped and poor nations.

Moreover, Foreign minister Wang said that “China has always been committed to promoting global development through cooperation, adhering to true multilateralism, upholding the spirit of open and inclusive partnership, and sharing its own development experience”

GDI seeks to build a community that can renew the cooperation to focus on developmental issues.

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