Beijing, 25 August 2022 (TDI): China has announced assistance to Pakistan to help the country in the wake of the floods. China’s Foreign Ministry has shared that the country would give Pakistan’s flood victims essential humanitarian help, including tents and other critical supplies.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said Pakistan is in dire need of humanitarian health assistance and expressed deep condolences to the people affected by this disaster.

In response to a question from the media, the spokesperson stated that China had taken note of the severe flooding ravaging Pakistan and the significant property loss and casualties that have resulted.

Over 700 people reportedly died, and over 300,000 have been homeless due to flash floods brought on by heavy monsoon rain in Baluchistan, Sindh, and other parts of Punjab.

China has sent 4,000 tents, 50,000 blankets, and 50,000 pieces of waterproof canvas to Pakistan’s disaster relief frontlines.

Moreover, in another batch of humanitarian health, China sent 25,000 tents and other essential items.

Pakistan Red Crescent Society would get $300,000 in urgent monetary help from the Red Cross Society of China

According to the disaster authorities, this past month was the wettest in three decades, with 133% more rain than the 30-year normal. Baluchistan, which borders Afghanistan and Iran, saw 305% more rainfall than the typical year.

In addition to the fatalities, the National Disaster Management Authority said on Friday that more than 46,200 homes had suffered damage from the flooding.

Remarks on the two countries’ support for each other

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson asserted that China and Pakistan are real allies who have always had a good tradition of supporting one another in times of severe catastrophic events.

The spokeswoman added that China would keep promoting bilateral cooperation with Pakistan in domains such as climate change, disaster prevention, and other related areas.

He recounted how the Pakistani side made every effort to transport all the reserve tents to the disaster location as quickly as possible following the 2008 earthquake in China.