Beijing, 14 June 2023 (TDI): Ambassador Moen ul Haq, a representative of Pakistan in China, has made an announcement regarding a significant milestone achieved in the economic ties between China and Pakistan.

In a recent tweet, Ambassador Haq revealed that Chinese Customs had issued a notification permitting the export of Pakistan’s boiled beef to China.

This breakthrough development marks a momentous occasion in the bilateral trade relations between the two nations and opens up vast opportunities for Pakistani exporters to access the lucrative $15 billion Chinese market.

Pakistan has long been seeking to expand its export portfolio and establish stronger economic ties with its friendly neighbor, China. The latest approval by Chinese Customs to allow the export of Pakistan’s boiled beef is a testament to the fruitful and ever-growing partnership between the two nations.

This newfound opportunity offers immense potential for Pakistani exporters to tap into the enormous Chinese market and significantly boost the economic growth of Pakistan. The decision by Chinese Customs reflects the deepening trust and confidence between China and Pakistan.

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By allowing the export of boiled beef, China has demonstrated its recognition of the superior quality and standards maintained by Pakistani producers. This development will not only benefit the Pakistani beef industry but also strengthen the overall economic cooperation between the two countries.

The $15 billion Chinese market is a vast reservoir of untapped potential for Pakistani exporters. This new avenue for Pakistani boiled beef is expected to create numerous job opportunities and provide a significant boost to Pakistan’s economy. Additionally, it will facilitate cultural exchange and deepen the people-to-people bonds between China and Pakistan.

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China and Pakistan share a strong and enduring relationship, with economic cooperation being a vital aspect. The two countries have collaborated on various projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) initiative, fostering trade, infrastructure development, and people-to-people connectivity.