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China: Liu Zixu strikes first Gold in Winter Paralympics


Beijing, 5 March 2022 (TDI): Chinese athlete, Liu Zixu, has secured first gold in Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics. This gold has placed China among top three teams.

The event took place on March 5th. Eventually, Beijing Winter Paralympics has enshrined a new era of China and its Paralympians.

In this context, Liu Zixu said that this made has made him one of the top Para Biathletes. This gold medal has boosted the morale of Team China as well. It is pertinent to note that Liu Mengtao, a teammate of Liu Zixu, won bronze while Shan Yilin secured silver in the Women’s sprint sitting match.

Earlier, China won just one medal at Winter Paralympics in 2018. The medal was acclaimed in the event of Wheelchair Curling gold when Wang Haitao, Zhang Qiang, Chen Jianxin, Wang Meng, and Liu Wei competed in the event.

Biathlon is dynamic and Static Game

According to Liu Zixu, Biathlon is both a static and dynamic game. This feature makes it very challenging. However, he likes the challenge and enjoys every moment of the game.
Furthermore, he commented on the wind and atmosphere of Beijing. He remarked that it is fine to have cold days here.

Due to weather, cotton padded doesn’t help to survive the weather. Eventually, the cold freezes the hands and feet of the athlete. Therefore, he said that he goes back to the room after every event to avoid the cold.

Winter Paralympics
Liu Mengtao competing in the men’s sprint sitting Para Biathlon

Besides, Mengtao remarked that he performed well in this match and he is happy. He further highlighted that he did not expect to win a medal. In addition to that, he attributed this success to his family who supported him in every walk of life. Indeed, biathlon inspires every athlete especially when the athlete strikes a medal.

Winter Paralympics
Yilin Shan competing in the women’s sprint sitting Para Biathlon

By the way, Shan Yilin gave an unstoppable performance in Para Biathlon women’s sprint. She split Oksana Masters while defending the Kendall Gretsch. She also said that she was enthusiastic to compete with Oskana Master and Kendall Gretsch. Oksana Master is US Nordic Skier while Kendall Gretsch is a defending champion at this event.

In brief, the Para Alpine Skiing included Yanqing, Zhu Daqing, and Zhang Mengqiu. These athletes secured silver in women’s downhill standing and women’s downhill vision impaired events. Lastly, Liu Sitong acclaimed bronze in the women’s downhill sitting.

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