New Delhi, 3 March 2023 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of China, Qin Gang, vowed to India’s External Affairs Minister, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, to improve the bilateral ties between both sides.

Qin stated, “China and India have shared interests in many areas including such as; safeguarding the rights and interests of developing countries, promoting South-South cooperation, and addressing global challenges such as climate change.”

Being neighbors and emerging powers, both sides discussed their common interests rather than differences and pledged to make their bilateral relationship stronger.

China and India as Emerging States

Qin further emphasized, “the growth and rejuvenation of China and India demonstrate the robustness of developing nations, which will transform the destiny of over one-third of the world’s inhabitants, the outlook of Asia, and possibly the entire globe.”

He highlighted how the proper implementation of consensus concluded by both sides can help to avoid disputes and maintain dialogue, leading them to stronger ties and cooperation.

Therefore, China’s willingness to resume cooperation and exchanges with India would not only help facilitate people-to-people exchanges but also bring normalized management to their borders.

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Whereas Jaishankar, on his part, acknowledged that both countries have already attained constructive outcomes.

Both are capable of sustaining progress in domains such as economic and trade partnerships, as well as cultural interactions among their populations.

Also, he added, “the current situation on the borders is gradually stabilizing, and both sides should work together to maintain peace and tranquillity in the border areas.”

Jaishankar conveyed his appreciation for China’s backing of India’s leadership of the G20 and expressed a willingness to uphold communication and coordination in international matters.

Taken together, both counties have a stake in ensuring a stable and prosperous international order, and the G20 offers a valuable opportunity for them to pursue these shared goals.

Despite their differences, China and India have promised to deepen their engagement and cooperation on global issues of mutual interest.