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China asked for Probe US Fort Detrick bio-labs


Manila, 19 August 2021 (TDI): Recently, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying made her remarks about the suspicion of the origins of the novel coronavirus. In the press conference, Chunying, on behalf of China, calls upon the US to respond positively, release and review early case data, invite WHO experts to investigate Fort Detrick along with more than 200 biological laboratories overseas and the University of North Carolina. Moreover, it asked to release the data about the American military athletes – who were sickened – who attended the World Military Games in Wuhan.

Experts and media from the US, Russia, the ROK, Japan, and other countries have called for a probe into Fort Detrick for the origins tracing. In the Philippines, many netizens, political and academic elites said that the Fort Detrick bio-labs in the US scapegoats the Wuhan lab to divert people’s attention and shifts its blames onto China. As a result, multiple institutions in the Philippines including the Philippine-BRICS Strategic Studies, the Integrated Development Studies Institute (IDSI) and the Global Talk News Radio (GTNR) jointly launched an online petition calling on the WHO to probe the Fort Detrick bio-labs in the US.

Apart from this, former press attache at the Philippine embassy in the US Ado Paglinawan released a book – on the same day of the launch of the petition – entitled “No Vaccine for a Virus Called Racism” emphasizing the timeline of the COVID-19 outbreak and a judgment that the disease started in June 2019 in the US. More of his writings point out the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that originated in Fort Riley, United States, and was spread by the US Army onto Europe. He concluded that history repeats as the US politicize the origins tracing of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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