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Centre for BRI, China and Pakistan Studies to be established in China


Islamabad/Zhejiang, January 7, 2022 (TDI): Belt and Road Consultants Pvt ltd – a Pakistani trading company and BIM Service Center from Hangzhou Province signed MoU to establish the Center for BRI, China, and Pakistan Studies in China’s in Zhejiang. The MoU entails that a liaison office will be established in Zhejiang, Hangzhou for the Center.

Both companies collaborate based on the importance of the business model transformation and innovation that are required in the architecture, engineering,  Construction industry, ICT, media,  entertainment industry, tourism, and education fields. Both Chinese and Pakistan business enterprises establish this important Centre for Business cooperation and explore the possibilities of collaboration through market research and optimization.

The main objective of this collaboration is to establish this Centre as a platform to drive the initiatives for collaborative projects for Pakistani and Chinese communities. The Center will act as an IT Hub, new education facilities, digital economy research center, film and culture town, infrastructure modernization projects, tourism facilities, and their construction and coordinating with various resources including manpower skills development. The aim of the Center is also to build economic empowerment of the communities and fight poverty.

The companies from both sides recognize the overall and comprehensive capabilities of China engineering companies in the infrastructure and will encourage the Pakistan companies to learn from the experience owned by China.

According to the agreement, both companies encourage business cooperation between Zhejiang and Pakistan as both communities have a huge population base and tourism resources.  Large scale exchange of businesspeople will help boom the economy growth, detonate large scale investment and trade activities, and increase the understanding of each other.

Belt and Road Consultants Pvt Ltd (BRC) is a leading company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). The main objective of BRC is to provide assistance to Local Businessmen and Foreign Investors from the participant countries of the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) to invest in and outside Pakistan.

BRC, through well-knitted linkages within the participant countries of BRI at the public and private levels, is aiming to provide consultancy services in the areas of Culture, Education, Science and Technology, Media, Research and Development, Tourism, Transportation, Exchange of Ideas, Goods, and Services. BRC consists of a Group of Professionals and Business enterprises that are leaders in their respective fields.

BIM Service Center is a Zhejiang, Hangzhou-based is a state-owned Chinese service center. The main task is to develop various service projects to enable individuals to build skills for business. The motivation is to have win-win cooperation and open up a better future.

Muhammad Asif Noor, CEO, Belt and Road Consultants Pvt Ltd and  Jiang Hong Shen
Founding Director of Zhejiang Province BIM Service Center. Professor of
Zhejiang University of Science and Technology signed the MoU.

It is anticipated that the MoU will further progress the initiatives by the Government of Pakistan and China in the direction to improve trade and investment partnership between China and Pakistan.


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