Today, the United Nations commemorates the 78th anniversary of its establishment in 1945.

United Nations serves as an international organization, which fosters amicable relations among nations and advances global peace and security. The UN Day is a tribute to the UN as a vital global institution, emphasizing its mission and impact.

Since its founding, the UN has played an important role as a worldwide platform for addressing intricate issues that have a wide-ranging impact on people worldwide.

The establishment of UN Day dates back to April 24, 1945, when representatives from 50 world governments gathered in San Francisco for a conference to create the UN Charter.

The primary goal of this charter was to advance global peace and prevent future conflicts following World War II.

On October 24, 1945, the United Nations Charter was officially ratified, and since that time, the world has commemorated this date annually as United Nations Day.

The UN emblem consists of olive branches which symbolize peace, while the world map serves as a representation of the regions that hold significance to the United Nations in its pursuit of its primary objectives that is peace and security.

On UN Day celebrations the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres hosting special gatherings and delivering message.

Antonio Guterres said, The United Nations Charter, which came into effect 78 years ago on this day, embodies a resolute commitment to mend rifts, restore diplomatic ties, and foster global harmony. In a world marked by division, our imperative is to become a united community of nations.

Furthermore, the UN Peace Bell is sounded at various UN offices worldwide, including the UN Headquarters, and a yearly concert is also held at the New York headquarters.

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The theme of this year’s UN Day Concert aligns with Secretary-General António Guterres’s appeal for “swift and more decisive efforts on climate change.”

It aims to mobilize global leaders in preparation for the upcoming COP28 climate conference in Dubai later in the year and the 2024 International Conference on Small Island Developing States in Antigua and Barbuda.

A unique concert, showcasing the Environmental Symphony titled “The Movement” and featuring the globally acclaimed cellist Michael Fitzpatrick, is hosted at the General Assembly Hall within the UN Headquarters in New York.

Moreover, the concert centers on the theme of “The Frontlines of Climate Action.”