Ontario, 7 June 2022 (TDI): Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in a local commemoration in London, Ontario, in memory of the Afzaal family.

On June 6, 2021, Yumna Afzaal who is just 15 years of age, her mother and father, Madiha Salman who was 44, Salman Afzaal who was 46, and her grandma, Talat Afzaal who was 74 years of age were killed.

While they went out for a Sunday walk in London, Ontario, a vehicle leaped a barrier. The driver, according to police, purposefully targeted the family because of their Muslim faith. Their youngest son survived.

Salman’s brother, Umar Afzaal, stated on behalf of the family that they are still struggling with what happened. He also stated that they are looking to the future with support from the community.

Canada Against Islamophobia

The Government of Canada affirms that Islamophobia, hate, and religious intolerance of any type have no place in Canada.

Moreover, the Canadian government is seeking candidates for the new position of Special Representative on Mitigating Islamophobia.

Furthermore, it scheduled anti-Islamophobia workshops for June 7th and 8th. The Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Islamic Social Services Association are coordinating the workshops.

The Government of Canada stands with and supports Muslim communities all over Canada. It has reiterated its commitment to take appropriate and legal measures to condemn and prevent Islamophobia and hate-fueled violence.

Prime Minister Trudeau is taking part in the events, ensuring that everyone in the community takes it seriously, and encouraging everyone to stand up to Islamophobia.

Demographic Diversity in Canada

In addition, the Canadian government has promoted inclusion, equity, and diversity on all levels of government and public life. That is to project Canada as a multi-racial, multi-cultural country reflecting the diversity of its peoples.

Canada comprises peoples of European, South Asian, East Asian, Indigenous, and various other descents. The country considers diversity an important national asset.

Moreover, the country is also diverse in religion. Although Christianity is the majority religion, 3.2% of Canada’s population is Muslim. Islam is the second-largest non-Christian religion in the country. Followed by Hindus (1.5%)and Sikhs (1.4%).

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