Vancouver, 18 August 2023 (TDI): The countdown has begun for the highly anticipated Global Environment Facility (GEF) Seventh Assembly 2023. Leaders from around the world will meet up in Vancouver, Canada, from August 22 to 26.

This assembly marks a crucial step towards addressing the world’s most urgent environmental challenges, fostering global cooperation, and shaping a sustainable future.

The GEF Assembly, which meets every four years, serves as a vital platform for international collaboration on critical environmental issues.

With a world witnessing escalating environmental degradation, this assembly is a pivotal juncture to accelerate action towards a healthier planet.

The assembly will see the launch of the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund, a groundbreaking funding source. The goal is to protect endangered species and ecosystems.

Bringing together a diverse array of participants, the assembly will host leaders, experts, and representatives from 185 countries, encompassing governments, businesses, civil society, and indigenous communities.

This inclusive assembly is a testament to the shared commitment to restoring landscapes, protecting wildlife, and building resilient communities. The collaborative efforts here are geared towards nurturing a planet that thrives harmoniously with its inhabitants.

Furthermore, the assembly’s schedule is packed with insightful sessions, including discussions on scaling action for sustainable blue economies, advancing progress on the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, and promoting climate-resilient agriculture systems.

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With a focus on innovation, finance, and community engagement, these events promise to yield solutions that contribute to positive global change.

UNDP’s Integral Role and Support

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as a founding member of the GEF, plays a crucial role in advancing the GEF Assembly’s objectives. UNDP’s partnership with GEF has evolved and flourished over three decades.

This has led to a substantial portfolio of projects aimed at promoting sustainability and biodiversity conservation. The recent approval of additional funding, amounting to US$500 million demonstrates UNDP’s dedication to driving effective change on the ground.

This funding will be parallel to the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework which provides a strategic roadmap for the conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystems over the next decade.

This visionary framework, agreed upon at COP15 in Montreal, in December 2022, sets the stage for transformative actions. It is aimed at mitigating climate change, conserving nature, and propelling sustainable development.