Ottawa, 12 January 2023 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau,  and Mexican President, Manuel Lopez Obrador have jointly issued a joint Canada-Mexico Action Plan, during the North America Leader Summit held in Mexico City.

Both countries have committed to renewing their relationship, putting their well-being and interest at the center of their bilateral cooperation. 

The commitment focused on a shared vision to build more prosperous, sustainable, safe, and equitable societies for everyone as well as to contribute to the integrity and competitiveness of the region. 

The creation of the Canada-Mexico Action Plan will focus to strengthen a partnership built on 9 pillars that outlines the citizens’ priorities.  

Reconciliation with indigenous people

Canada and Mexico recognized the opportunity to jointly build platforms to allow indigenous people to share best practices and learned lessons.

Both countries are modernizing cooperation on indigenous issues including through a renewed memorandum of understanding. The leaders are also looking to organize a high-level summit for the reconciliation of indigenous people. 

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

Canada and Mexico will continue to support and transform women and girls’ empowerment in the region as well as in the global forums. Both Countries will also implement their respective Feminists Foreign Policies. 

Trade and Investment 

The leaders have agreed to maintain their commitments to work on inclusive trade and investment to build a sustainable economy and produce well-being and good creation jobs for the middle class. 


Both countries have reaffirmed the need to address racial discrimination and inequality and combat all forms of discrimination. To promote the cause, Canada and Mexico will organize cultural events and a bi-literal Anti-Racism summit. 

Peace and Security

To promote peace and security, they have committed to finding opportunities to strengthen peace, justice, and security through the multi-literal system. 

Canada has also agreed to technical support to help and build Mexico’s capacities. They will look to improve the criminal justice system for women and children, by implementing Canada-Mexico Juvenile Justice Cooperation Project. 

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Furthermore, both countries have also agreed to engage youth by ensuring their participation in civil and decision-making processes, combat climate change by advancing nature-based solutions, and improve tourism and cooperation in the face of future health crises.