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Canada investing billions to modernize North America defense, announced the Canadian Defense Minister, Anita Anand

Canada investing to modernize NORAD


Ottawa, 21 June 2022 (TDl): Canada is investing $4.9 billion (US$3.8 billion) over the next six years to modernize North America’s aging defensive systems. This investment aims to upgrade the Artic air and missile defenses with the United States.

Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand made this announcement on Monday. Furthermore, she cited the growing threats from Russia and new technologies, including hypersonic missiles.

Moreover, the money will be used on land and satellite-based radars to detect incoming missiles or bombs. It has a network of sensors with classified capabilities to monitor Arctic air and sea.

In addition, she stated that this funding is the first of an estimated $40 billion Canadian (US$31 billion) will be spent by Canada over the next 20 years to upgrade the joint US-Canadian early warning system, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD and other military assets.

Consequently, the announcement was made to protect the continent amid various warnings from the US and CAF. There is a need for updates in the defense program.

Canada makes investment in NORAD a top priority
Canada’s Defence program 

In addition, Anand emphasized the pressing need of developing new technologies to modernize Canada’s NORAD capabilities like hypersonic weapons and advanced cruise missiles by competitors.

Meanwhile, the continent set up NORAD in the early 1950s to detect and monitor the incoming airborne and maritime threats to North America. Therefore, the robust funding will enable the continent to build new radar networks to see threats coming over the Arctic command and control systems, advanced air-to-air missiles, and others.

“Canada can no longer rely on its geography to protect Canadians,” she added.

Protection for Canadians 

To clarify, Anand has listed capabilities under five interrelated areas of investment.

Firstly, the acquisition will bolster Canada’s ability to detect threats earlier and precisely by modernizing its surveillance systems. Also, it will expand the CAF and NORAD’s situational awareness.

Secondly, it will improve the country’s ability to understand community threats via the latest technology. The defense system will upgrade through state-of-the-art tools such as modernized command and control information systems. Moreover, it will include upgraded radio communications capabilities and enhanced satellite communications in the Arctic.

Thirdly, the investment aims to strengthen the country’s ability to deter and defeat aerospace threats by modernizing air weapons. Also, the defense system will procure new and advanced air-to-air missiles. These missiles can engage threats from short, medium, and long ranges.

Fourthly, it will ensure CAF’s ability to launch and sustain a robust military presence across the country including in Canada’s North, through investments in new infrastructure and support capabilities through better infrastructure at listed locations.

Lastly, the program can future-proof Canada’s abilities to defend North America through investments in science and technology. Additionally, the program will co-develop technological solutions to address emerging emergency threats alongside the US.

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